Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Room/Area * Amount
Room $20.00  
  Living Room $75.00  
  Hallway (5-20ft) $10.00  
  Hallway (20-40ft) $20.00  
  Stairs $20.00  
  Closet, Large $10.00  
  Closet, Very Large $20.00  
  Odor treatment $75.00  
  Red Stain Removal $20.00  

* Carpet cleaning pricing is for average size rooms (houses of 4000 sq/ft or less).
If room is “above average” we reserve the right to adjust appropriately


Room/Area Amount
1,2,3 Bedroom (Occupied) $140.00  
  1,2,3 Bedroom (Unoccupied) $90.00  

Professional Carpet Cleaning



Carpet Repairs

Repair Amount
Patches, Seams, Stretching, Spot Dyeing, and Metal Strip $20.00 & Up  
  Carpet Pile Lifted $50.00  
  Water Extraction (Per Occupied Room) $115.00  
  Water Extraction (Per Unoccupied Room) $80.00